We are pleased to welcome you to our website. We provide our visitors with everything necessary for a successful BOC hunting – from knowledge to stunning views in our “THC-fields”.

Why us

Latest event

Our company is pleased to announce an upcoming hunting event that will take place at The Hunters Corner – Fields. 

More events

With over 18 years of hunting experience, our development as hunters, we provide our visitors with a lot of resources, equipment and training in order to popularize the art of hunting.

Furthermore, for the last two years we have noticed a significant interest for hunting BOC in Majorca. Our recent events and educational seminars deal with a very specific yet important topic – careful gun handling and shooting safety. Even if you are a person not interested in weaponry or hunting, you may still find our events interesting. They include seminars, shooting trainings, wild animal photography and consultations on topics connected with hunting and conservation.

We also arrange events exclusively for our Hunting Club members. These events include BOC Hunting, where hunters and members of our Club show their skills and work with each other to be successful on this kind of hunt.

Such events are organized through the whole year and usually vary in their hunting ways.


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